Wedding in San Gimignano


Get married in one of the most famous Tuscan town all over the world! A wedding in San Gimignano can be an unforgettable experience not only for its scenario

San Gimignano is on a hill dominating the river Elsa valley. It become a town in the 10th century, taking its name from the holy Bishop of Modena, San Gimignano, who is said to have saved the town from the barbarian hordes.

It developed a lot during the Middle Ages as part of the trading and pilgrim’s route of ‘Via Francigena’. Later it became a free municipality and due to internal power struggles, it divided into factions, one headed by Guelphs and the other by Ghibellines. Competition among rich families were shown by building tall towers –still present nowadays.The decline of San Gimignano started in 1353 with the submission to Florence  after the Black death plague.

A wedding in San Gimignano can be performed in the famous Hall of Dante in the People Place on the main square or in one of the beautiful Churches as San Agostino with its stunning frescos an the cloister.

Immediately outside the town centre there several country farms, castles and excellent wineries  converted  in resorts and boutique hotels where spending a nice stay.

An open air wedding party with the silhouettes of the old towers will be a special setting for your wedding in San Gimignano.

The Duomo, the People Palace and the ‘Torre del Podesta’ or Great Tower , the small squares and narrow streets are worthwhile to be seen !

Typical tuscan food and the well known Vernaccia di San Gimignano wine makes the rest. Its well merited fame derives from its quality and appraisable characteristics.

Even Dante Alighieri mentioned it in his poem Purgatory of the Divine Commedy.