Wedding in Pietrasanta


A wedding in Pietrsanta can be a nice solution to combine a wedding in an historical town with a nice relaxing stay on the coast.

The origin and name of Pietrasanta  in the Versilia region, are linked to the Milanese nobleman Guiscardo Pietrasanta, who as Podesta of Lucca, founded the town on 1255, during the Lucca’s struggles with the Ghibelline Republic of Pisa. After in the 15th century it came under the dominion of Florence and from that time onward followed the fortunes of Grand Duchy of Tuscany until Italy’s unification.

Pietrasanta is an historical world marble-working centre. It is the centre of the masters of the art of sculpture. It is a workshop city full of  local artisans and international artists , who choose this marvellous place to produce their works of art.

The roots of Versilia’s artistic marble-working tradition go back in time. The activity grow considerable during the Medici time and even Michelangelo availed himself of the precious work of the local artisans.

Pietrasanta is close to the beach, so a nice hotel or resort on the beach could be a special location for your stay and party for your wedding in Pietrasanta!

The Duomo di San Martino is a majestic cathedral dominating the centre of the beautiful piazza of the same name and it is the fulcrum of the town itself. In this Cathedral  your wedding ceremony can take place

The clock tower, Baptistery, church and Convent of St Agostino are still part of the main  square of Pietrasanta. The civil ceremony can be arranged in the nice cloister of the Sant’Agostino Church.

Enjoy your wedding in Pietrasanta, in such a nice town full of art and history!