Wedding in Montalcino


If you like the southern part of the Senese countryside and the colors of the  stunning Orcia valley ,  plan your wedding in Montalcino !

Montacino, famous for its delicious Brunello di Montalcino red wines, is a must for wine lovers.  In the Middle Ages, Montalcino was considered Siena’s biggest ally during he battles against Florence and it prospered a lot under Siena rule. In the late 19th century, the Biondi Santi family created a fine, dark red wine, calling it ‘the brunello’ making this area one of the best quality wine producer of the world. Everyone touring this area seems to be relaxed and in an east groove, enjoing  good wines.

Sitting atop a hill amidst a sea of vineyards in the stunning Orcia valley, Montalcino is surrounded by walls and dominated by the Fortezza , 14th century fort( known also as La Rocca) where there is one of the most excellent  enoteca (wine bar) in the area doing wine tasting. From here roads lead down into the two main squares : Piazza Garibaldi and Piazza del Popolo. All the medieval town centre has fantastic corners for a magic setting for your wedding in Montalcino.

The City hall, where civil wedding ceremonies are performed, was a fortified seat of government. It is decorated by the coats of arms  of judges who, in the interest of fairness, were from outside the town. Like Siena, Montalcino was a republic in the Middle Ages. Next to the town hall there a nice arcaded loggia that used to host the town market, nowadays a relaxing place to enjoy local wine and excellent food.

Montalcino is surrounded by a fantastic countryside with exclusive private villas, old castles as Ripa d’Orcia, wine estates and nice agriturismo – country farms that can be an ideal location for a typical Tuscan wedding in Montalcino, combining   history, countryside and excellent food and wine !