Wedding in Lerici 5 terre


Just at the border of Tuscany region, there is the famous fishermen village of Lerici. A wedding in Lerici in the colorful setting of the palaces overlooking the seefront  can be an unique experience for you and your guests.

At the southern most end of the Riviera Levante is Lerici, a bustling little resort town whose waterfront buildings are tightly and pleasantly clustered around the small harbour, and the slopes leading up to Castello San Giorgio sitting imposingly on a high outcropping, dominates the town and its small harbour.  In Lerici you can while away the hours strolling the promenade, or happily gabbing with friends in any of a number of good  trattorias, cafes and restaurants either on the seafront itself, or on the streets and alleys nearby.  At the harbour itself, a ferry shuttles passengers to and from Portovenere, which sits astride a spit of land at the most extended tip of the Golfo dei Poeti -the Bay of Poets, and to some of the fishing ports of the Cinque Terre – a great way to visit those very popular places. The uppermost towers of Castello di San Giorgio, where the wedding ceremony can be performed, deliver stunning views across to picturesque Portovenere, the three islands that appear in the bay.  Inside the castle is a pretty Gothic era chapel of  a certain historical value can be the inner hall where the civil ceremony can be done. A breathtaking view from the terrace of the castle can be admired by you and your guests if you plan to have the wedding party directly there!

Do not forget that special ligurian food as pasta with basil pesto can be part of your delicious wedding in Lerici !

Just close to Lerici , the well known Cinque Terre – FiveLands-  has gained the five small Ligurian villages strong along the most southerly part of the Riviera di Levante. Truly, one of the most captivatingly picturesque places in all of Italy, The Cinque Terre continues to retain its old world characteristics. The landscape of Cinque Terre declared patrimony on mankind by Unesco is characterizes by the exended presence of terraces or ‘fasce’ whose edification started in the 12th century and by the five villages hidden in the coastal inlets: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, Rio Maggiore.

Each village has a precious Church and nice town halls ( some of them with fantastic terraces overlooking the sea) where your wedding ceremony can be done.

A nice boutique hotel or a good local restaurant on the sea promenade can be the right location for  your wedding in Cinque Terre.

Nowadays all the area is a national park with restricted rules regarding the sea navigation- There are a few cars within Cinque Terre, and a small network of roads used by local people, or by the drivers who bring goods to the place, but for travelers and tourists, it is mostly inaccessible by car.  Better to take the train (or a coastal ferry) from Spezia (south), or Levanto (north), and take-in the sites on foot. There are a number of well-worn paths in The Cinque Terre, but the Via dell’Amore– the lover’s walk –  strings all five villages, winding its way along beaches, and through the many olive orchards, vineyards and chestnut woods on the terraced seaside slopes.  It is difficult to say which village is the nicer, each one has its own peculiarity and its own charme. Surely  each one of them can represent an ideal scenary for a romantic wedding in Cinque Terre  and Weddings and Weddings can be your wedding planner for such a special location!