Wedding in Florence


A wedding in Florence can represent a dream for many of yours! Weddings and Weddings can make this dream true ! This special town has so many hidden treasures in spite it is very well-known all over the world. Our aim is to propose you the most suitable location for your fairytale wedding in Florence.

Florence is a place full of history where you can discover works of art at every corner, where the friendly behavior of the Florentines can help you to discover this town,  to live it with the eyes of a local  and to have your wedding in the Tuscan style !

Florence can be the ideal location for your fairytale wedding in Italy! There are plenty of locations for your fantastic wedding ceremony. The civil wedding in Florence can be performed in the famous sala Rossa  (red hall) of Palazzo Vecchio, your religious catholic wedding can be arranged in a  Romanic  Church on the top of the hills near Fiesole as well as a protestant ceremony can be  done at the St James American Church  in the town centre.

There will be hundreds of possibility for your stay in Florence ! from a nice boutique hotel, to a rented villa on Fiesole hills, from a deluxe resort to a nice hotel overlooking  the ‘silver’ river Arno. A marvelous wedding party for you and your guests can be arranged in one of the many Historical Palazzo in the centre, where you can feel the atmosphere of living in a dream !

Do not forget that to arrange a wedding in Florence as in other Tuscan towns, you need the assistance and the giudelines of a local wedding planner, as you can get easily lost in the Italian burocracy. Weddings and Weddings , with several years experience in this field, can help you to arrange all, leading you to the wedding day with no stress and ready to taste your Italian experience!