Wedding in Elba Island


For all sea lovers a wedding in Elba island can be the right choice! The variety of colors, coastlines, little fishermen villages and nice beaches can be an ideal location for every type of event: from a more formal one in an historical villa on the sea to a more informal wedding party on a beach club !

The island of Elba is the main island of the Tuscan Archipelago, become famous all over the world  when Napoleon was exiled here in 1814.During the months Napoleon stayed on the island, he carried out a series of economic and social reforms to improve the local quality of life.

Why think of Elba only as a beach place or a place that vaunts Napoleon’s dwellings? A wedding in Elba island can show you the typical mariner taste of Tuscany.

Elba is much, much more and first of all, truly an island! Elba has a marked geographic individuality: spacious, covered in green, and rich with beautiful sights. Looking at it from above, it seems like a bizarre fish. Elba is a splendid island full of nature and it is magnificent mainly in spring and autumn more than in the busy summer! Portoferraio, the main town, grown during the reign of the Granduch of Tuscany ,is very lively and full of tourist attractions, but you have not to miss and stay in one of the several small villages inside the island as Marciana or  Capoliveri or on the coast as Porto Azzurro, Marciana Marina. These places  are unique locations for your holidays and your  Italian wedding. A nice wedding ceremony can be arranged in a courtyard of an old fortress or of an old Pisan castle.

Elba is particularly rich in biodiversity both on land and at sea. People that visit the island in spring time can enjoy spectacular blooms and all the mediterranean aromas !