Wedding in Certaldo


Get married in Certaldo, in one of the most picturesque medieval town in Tuscany. A wedding in  Certaldo can make you feel like living in Medieval times.

Certaldo, a fortified medieval nucleus at the top of a hill with a castle, is particularly picturesque because of the brick used throughout  the whole old town, both on the private dwellings as well as for the paving of the streets. The famous writer Giovanni Boccaccio, whose father was a native from Certaldo, spent part of his life here, until his death in 1375. His presence is still part of this precious little town s it hosts Boccaccio’s house, a centre of studies and an historical library.

The old centre on the top of the hill- Certaldo alto,  has the 13th century Church of Santi Jacopo e Filippo with a nice cloister and the  famous Pretorian Palace or Vicar’s quarters. It belonged to the Alberti counts , than it became the residence of the Podestà or the Florentine delegate (vicar). The crest of various vicars are in the façade while rooms with remains of frescos can be seen inside several halls as the great hall, the council hall and judges hall. Nowadays this palace is Certaldo town hall and hosts wedding civil ceremonies. This is for sure one of the most beautiful wedding ceremony location in Tuscany.

Beside Weddings and Weddings is able to arrange ‘medieval wedding’ recreating the setting and atmosphere with typical medieval clothes, food and music !

Certaldo is also famous for being a centre of culture. The town hosts several festivals a year. The largest and most famous is Mercantia , a week-long party in Certaldo alto; it involves numerous street performers from across Italy, Eurpoe and  the Americas. Certaldo lies in the centre of Tuscany and for this reason has a strategic position, which will allow you to reach the most interesting places as Pisa, Lucca, Florence: an ideal location for a wedding bound to local traditions and sightseeing !

Being close to the Chianti region, there are many properties, villas and castles in the area for  your stay and wedding party: a lot of opportunities for your wedding in Certaldo.