Wedding in Barga


A wedding in Barga, on the top of the Tuscan Apennines can be a special location  for a destination wedding in Tuscany. Some of you maybe already know this nice little town with beautiful palaces, narrow streets and a lot of old traditions !

The ancient town of Barga is situated in the valley of the river Serchio on the edge of the Garfagnana Region. The original historical center of town still remains. The old houses are gathered around the dominant cathedral dating back to before the year 1000. The town seems protected by its surrounding walls.
This entire valley is situated between the green Apennines and the rockier Apuan chain (with its marble quarries).

The Duome of Barga construction was completed between the 1500 and 1600 with the addition of two chapels and the choir. The Duomo was damaged in the earthquake of 1920 and has since been restored.
The Church sits on the crown of the hill on around which the whole town clusters and at the front there is a terrace that gives an almost unbroken 360 degree view of the surrounding hills and valleys.The cathedral was originally founded in the 9th century and then added to over the next four hundred years.

The stone walled town hall is the proper place for your civil wedding ceremony, while several elegant villas have been converted in beautiful resorts for your stay.

Barga has two distinct areas –Barga vecchia and Barga giardino. Barga Vecchia is the walled part and is a maze of small piazzas, ageless shops and galleries and narrow climbing streets which culminates in the duomo. Barga Vecchia is where you can find the Tourist Office, The Theatre dei Differenti (Opera Barga) and the internationally famous Caffe Capretz. In summer there is a famous jazz festival.

At the beginning of last century Barga suffered a lot of emigration to USA, Scotland  and South America. Nowadays during the summer a lot of  families with Barga roots come back to have  holidays as well as to celebrate their wedding in their home town. There are many American and Scottish couples who like to get married in this cosy town and to celebrate their wedding in Barga.