Wedding in a Tuscan Winery


For all wine lovers who wish to have a wedding in a Tuscan winery, Montecarlo of Lucca among the mild hills of the Lucca valley is surely the best option!

Montecarlo is situated at the base of an ancient fortress occupying the summit of the ridge separating the Valley of the Nievole from the Plain of Lucca. The community was a redoubt of the Ghibellines in their perpetual struggle with Florence and the other Guelf communities. The hilltop town of Montecarlo is situated west of Florence in the northwest part of Italy’s tuscany region. The well preserved town centre, surrounded by fine walls and topped by the fortress ‘Rocca del Cerruglio’ gives panoramic views of the vineyards and the plains below.

Although the town was founded for warlike purposes, it is an oasis of tranquillity, with vast expanses of vineyards and olive orchards extending outward from the town as far as the eye can see. Those vineyards are the source of Montecarlo wine, a very prestigious wine known not only in Italy. The wine originated in the Roman period and its fine quality was cited in documents drawn up in the centuries preceding the year 1000.

Nowadays in this fantastic scenario of the Tuscan vineyards of Montecarlo, there is the possibility to celebrate your wedding in a local vinery estate in a stylish and modern building recently built, with several halls and spaces apt to arrange your wedding reception.

The civil wedding ceremony has a legal effect as a proper Officer of Montecarlo town hall will celebrate the wedding as the winery estate has got a special permission to act as a town hall place. Another nice wedding location can be the small theatre of the Rassicurati or the courtyard of the old  fortress just in the middle of the village.

There are several villas and luxury country farms and winery with accommodation for your stay which will be very relaxing for you and your guests allowing you to have a fantastic wedding in a Tuscan winery enjoying  Tuscan food and excellent Tuscan wine!