Symbolic Ceremony


The symbolic ceremony is the right choice for those who prefer not to worry about preparing documents for a civil or religious ceremony. Thi type of ceremony is not legally binding the couple and they can personalize this event in sucha way that it reflects their values, beliefs and cultural background.

This type of ceremony can take place everywhere, in a field of the Tuscan Contryside, on a sandy beach in Versilia, as well as in a garden of a villa or on a terrace in the centre of Florence overlooking the town!

A symbolic ceremony  can be done if you have already been married in your country and you wish to relive the event in a more informal and original way. Beside it can be arranged to celebrate a wedding anniversary or renewal of vows. Especially for those couple who dreamt to have a marvellous wedding and now they have the opportunity to arrange it!  Or you can even plan it to provide a wonderful surprise for the one you love !

The content of  a symbolic ceremony vary from couple to couple and it is tailored to the needs of the spouses. It can be traditional, perforemed by a celebrant, by a family member, a Pastor or a Priest doing  a simple religious blessing to the couple.

Weddings and Weddings can provide the celebrant, assistance with personal vows, music, poetry,soloist singer, flowers to make this event special!

I also would like to point out the interesting financial aspect of a symbolic ceremony as you can avoid several considerable expenses as documents preparation, town hall wedding fees, making all the process much easier, celebrating this special event with your  family and friends or just the two of you!